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Teamwork and collaboration.

Posted by arlekeno on August 26, 2009

the teacher librarian is often a one person team, but this is ineffective unless able to form alliances with other groups in a school . How can a T.L. use this knowledge to build effective teams.

Law, Glover 2000: Leading effective Teams.

I am looking at the definitions of what a team is and what a group is, In my school I would say the teams are formal, such as the literacy committee, groups are more social, e.g. the group of long term casuals who go to breakfast at a certain cafe once a month.

There are definite advantages to teams. Giving every one input means more ideas and more fairness in terms of making choices. As the opening line says. Teamwork is the only acceptable leadership where power is shared among equals, and I think teachers like to try and be equal, and as such, resent not having their ideas heard.

the list of team building issues is good.  pg 76 of article.

Looking at the useful people to be in a team, pg 81, I think I have been all of those people in previous teams.

But all must be managed.

Beck, Yeager 1994: Making teams work, an underused window of opportunity.

Individualism interfering with Teamwork. I think Teachers are VERY individualistic. We are PRIVATISED, all working in our own rooms.

I think the stage 2 of forming a group is often overlooked. I am not sure always what power and rights I have in some groups I am in. This is frustrating!

Stage 1: Forming, Stage 2, Focusing, Stage 3 Performing. Stage 4:Leveling.

From reading this, I think the easiest thing for a T.L. to do would be to get on some committees, or to get the principle to put them in charge of something, e.g. IL training.

Next would be to get on well with a few faculties who do use the Library properly to buffer against budget cuts etc.

Barnett, McKowen & Bloom. A school without a Principal

Interesting idea. Again I see the word communication. Teachers DO operate in isolation and Staff meetings ARE terrible.

Fist-o-five idea sounds very interesting to me.  Would like to see it in action.


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