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How would I use the small group process?

Posted by arlekeno on August 26, 2009

Well, I would make all members of staff HAVE TO join at least one committee, but no more than 3 in a year ( one so they have some imput and practice with it, no more than 3 because you need time to do the job… n.b. I think things like sport and musical organisation count as a committee).

I would extend the working day by half an hour ONLY FOR THE purpose of these meetings, so the regular school day is already too full. And any teacher not in a group meeting on a certain day could use it to call/meet parents, prepare work etc, but still be at school.

One problem, I would need to be the minister of education or teachers federation to make this happen.


2 Responses to “How would I use the small group process?”

  1. Fiona said

    So, when are you entering politics???

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