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Quality management in Education

Posted by arlekeno on August 24, 2009

Myron Tribus.


Education is not industry! Education is not a product.I am reminded of a story from Chicken soup for the teachers soul.. Its called BLUEBERRIES, look it up.

I like the idea of enterprise ( or education) being interlinked as opposed to seperate (USE FOR TEAMWORK!) pg 3.

Pg 5. Quality principle one. People work in a system, manager works on a system… MY school’s system needs A LOT of work.

Pg 7. QP2. Quality is never your problem, Quality improvement answers your problem.

I suppose this makes sense. I especially like the comment that students don’t come to school wanting to casue trouble. They just don’t know how to succeed.

Quality Principle 3: Process over the product principle.  pg 10

Well, it works for a golf swing, why not education?

THIS IS BRILLIANT! By the time we check, it is too late except to do it for next time. Making sure we get it right as we go is more helpful.

Vyogotskii was a Smart man. pg 11/ EVERYDAY and SCIENTIFIC learning. ACTUAL AND POTENTIAL intellectual development. Is against Standardiesed-teaching to the test method… he agrees with my pre-concieved nothions, he MUST be right! 😛

Quality Principle 4: The Perversity Principle (I don’t get this, I must read on)

okay, getting rid of gradings, I see some point in that.. until Uni entrance time. .. But Still, DOWN WITH GRADING! (guess I won’t be voting for Julia Gillard in the next election )

I am looking at the left to right shift in the tables on pg 17, and keep thinking the right column is great, but we do need to get the students to do a lot of the left columns before they can get to the right themselves.

I think I will be quoting this article a lot in arguments over the next few years.

How could this model be used to enhance the management of information service provision in a school?

Well, when I look at the quality principles. I think the idea of redefining the system can wrk in small things where the T.L has control, but much of what a TL can do is decided externally. 

But principles 2 and 3 can be applied. If we do the little things better, from selection and borrowing to collaboration and even cleaning, the whole thing will improve.

and I do agree that Setting quotas fir a library would be odd.

How might a teacher Librarian use Quality management to enhance their profile?

to enhacne my profile?  Not entirel sure. If everyting worked better that would look good. The far right columns of the three eras are already happpening and I am not sure that is really management.

the QFD matrix could be interesting, but since the boss may have no idea what the library really does can it work?

I just want to do my best anyway!

With the website. this is all stuff we are meant to have been doing for ages.

Would be nice to have more time in a day to make it happen though 😛


The 12 quality principles  ( Q is for quality) Streeton Primary 2000

These 12 principles do make a lot of sense. ( pg 24)

looking at the first one, clear directions. I think peopel giving directions and people recieving have a different view of what is clear

an advantage of mutually agreed goals is that everyone knows them 😀

Pinciple 5. Organisations realise potential through peoples Enthusiasm, resourcefulness and participation … in short, a happy ( and smart ) worker is a good worker. Mind you, it is easy for workers to get frustrate3d if earlier points such as communication ad consistancy are ignored.

principle six is just about improving yourself… This is what we have professional development for … yet another thing we are already doing.

I do like the idea of improving the system.. A LOT.. I am a systems person, I think in systems and innefficient systems frustrate me.


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