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Section 1: Organisational Theory.

Posted by arlekeno on August 14, 2009

School effectiveness and school improvement [electronic reserve] : alternative perspectives. Power, structure and culture : an organizational view of school effectiveness and school improvement, ch. 6, p. 89-122, 2001

I read this and I think a lot of it is quite obvious. Structures of work, Role, What we do with “Raw Material” (don’t get me started on just which values we add and how to measure the less tangiable ones) and how we are limited by physical structure etc. I have thought about this many times. But I wonder if many of the people who criticise teachers have?

As an aside, I was wondering about things we do such as notes for students out of class.  A friend of mine went to a montessori school and never had to ask for a note to do so… or even permission. Are notes archaic, are we still holding the horses, or is this essential due to liability?

Problematizing problems… HHmmm… Do we accept things as being one way and work around them, or do we say THIS IS THE PROBLEM and try to change the root cause?

Very interesting view on how we maintain power and structure, and how to change organisational structures. I would like to change muc of the culture of my school. Anyone heard of PBL?

I also note how Certain members of the executive do not follow normal rules in the library and how it iw not always in the best interests of a casual teacher to challenge them.

To conclude, a very interesting article. I had not sat down and thought about all the factors of that would affect my school. I do agree that Power as well as culture and structure do play a role.

This article however did take me a long time to pour through. I hope I go a bit faster in later readings.


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