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Spring semester

Posted by arlekeno on August 7, 2009

Second Semester 2009 and once again I return to my blog/learning journal to record my thoughts for a subject. In this case ETL504, Teacher Librarian as leader.

I have decided to drop ETL501 so as not to stress my self too much while I am recovering from the first half of the year.  I must admit though, once again the workload is still daunting.

I have looked at my study guide and subject outline, I have posted my introduction and now here I am, back at Libera libro… Free Books. I am about to start reading my study guide, as the recommended schedule says I should have done Monday. I do not want to be asking for another extension this term and fully intend to get my assignments… My very scary assignments done on time!

In other news, look out for the latest edition of SCAN magazine if you are in NSW.  A good article on using the new laptops and Project Gutenburg should be in there.

UPDATE:  Reading 1< Donham J. LEADERSHIP

This article sounds familiar to me in terms of the EXTERNAL and INTERNAL locus of control issues. I could do more to get teachers to collaborate I suppose.

I also like the idea of reflecting on which part of the job I am best at. Lit, Tech, or info searching. Or maybe it is too soon for me to know. I know I am not a fast cataloger.. that takes AGES!


P.S. Very useful for HSC types.


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