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Collaborating with Sports choices.

Posted by arlekeno on July 9, 2009

My School Library has taken on a new and useful roll in sports choices.

Sports choices, previous a period for every year every term for choosing sports and paying etc, has now been put online. This means the largest and  easiest to access computers in teh school ( in the library) are now very important.

Now a little more notice/training would have been nice, and there were glitches of course, but our Head teacher ( also of head of I.T.) and the sports co-ordinator have used sharepoint to create a method of  sports choices that does not waste  lot of organisation, can be used every term and also assures that all students are able to log in, know their passwords and have to use ITC skills.

The head librarian thinks this is a great idea and I agree, it does everything it is meant to do and more.


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