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Topic 4.3 Assessment and the ILSC

Posted by arlekeno on May 16, 2009

Response to :vStripling, B. (2007). Assessing informative fluency: Gathering evidence of student learning. School Library Media Activities Monthly, 23(8), 25-29,

Oh, yet another model of how to be Info fluent. The STRIPLING INQUIRY model

  1. Connect Connect to self, previous knowledge, gain back ground and context, observe and experience.
  2. Wonder Develop Questions, make predictions.
  3. Investigate Find and evaluate info to answer questions, test hypothesis. Think about the                              information to illuminate new questions and hypothesis.
  4. Constrct Construct new understandings of previous knowledge. Draw conclusions about questions and hypothesis.
  5. Express Apply understanding to new context, new situation, express new ideas to share learning with others.
  6. Reflect.    Reflect on learning, ask new questions.

Shall compare this to other IPM later.

pg 27. I have been thinking about making my own checklists exactly like this.

BROWNS WORK ON RUBRICS seems pretty standard Rubric stuff (have done a lot of training on this before)

Response to:Batz, L. & Rosenberg, H. (1999). Creating an information literate school: Information literacy in action, NASSP Bulletin

, 83(605), 68-74.

OOOHHH< sounds like a dream land!                                           Also sounds like a LOT of work, that can’t be done without a lot more money for staffing.

I like this idea of faculty members weeding out out of date books in there area, that would save TL a lot of time, reduce mistakes and make sure teachers knew what we had. (pg72)

Response to :Stripling, B. (1999). Expectations for achievement and performance: Assessing student skills, NASSP Bulletin, 83(605), 44-52.

“Information literacy skills are actually learning how to learn skills, and they are essential for standards based learning.”  If we go to national curriculum and standards in Oz, this is important.

Interesting to see that all the skills listed for IL by Stripling can be related to an info process. model e.g. Plus, or big 6.  (pg 51)


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