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Topic 2.6: Consolidating Evidence.

Posted by arlekeno on April 13, 2009

Response to Olberg: Looking for the evidence: Do school libraries improve student achievement?

Again, more talk about us needing to know or research so we can advocate/advertise ourselves.

I am keen to look at my school’s Naplan results, but not sure how I can show the Libraries role. HHmmm. Oohh, it is suggested next page, compare the results of teachers who use library and those that don’t.. MWAHAHA (yes, I am leep deprived at the moment).

And I LOVE The findings of this

1) The better funded the library, the better the test scores, regardless of socio-economic background;

2) The more money for staffing and for collection management, the better the Library and thus results;

3) The more the T.L. is utilized by students and staff, the better the results.

And I am also happy to see the results backed up in HAY’s articles ( when the links were working).

Further Readings…

The end of the Teacher Librarian, Herring.

Did teachers think the Gutenberg press would mean the end of schools? and great Library questions. Anyone have research going back that far?

Action research: How teacher-librarians can build evidence of student learning.

Could not get link to open 😦


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