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Topic 2.3: Principal support.

Posted by arlekeno on April 13, 2009

Responses to Hartzell: Why should principals support school libraries?

Yes, we know principals should do it, We all know the benefits to students and teachers etc, so why don’t all of them do it? That is what I want to know. Hartzell’s only hints are:

a) People don’t know what Librarian can do.

b) Money/staffing limitations (which affect ordering and opening hours too).

Response to Haycock: Fostering collaboration, leadership and information literacy: Common behaviors of uncommon principals and faculties.

Haycock says we can’t just be literate in one area, we need it all school and collaborative, but Haycock talks more about the difficulties, and blames a school culture if it doesn’t happen, and it ultimately rests on the Principal to make it happen.

SO the principal has to have a vision, plan it, make it happen, connect everyone.

Teacher Librarians also need to be committed, have stamina and energy and general leadership qualities. (hard when a T.L. has been exhausted by the exact opposite of all that should be happening).

Responses to Oberg: Developing the respect and support of school administrators.

Ok, the opening line says a HELL of a lot, the biggest challenge is to get support and respect from School administrators.

I like this already, and I am only up to page2! Am I invisible?

I wonder how much time a T.L. would need with the Head, or in fact, in a day, to make what is meant to happen a reality.

In short, most of what is meant to happen, doesn’t and there are many reasons for it, as I have listed above, but I am sure as hell not going into specifics because I want to keep my job and this forum is not anonymous enough for me to post it.

Response to Everhart: Principals’ evaluation of school librarians: A study of strategic and nonstrategic evidence-based approaches.

I was hoping this was done by principals themselves so we could hear there side, but it’s still good, interesting to see Teacher Librarians are judged by same standards as teachers, despite teaching being only a small part of the role.

It reminds me of the situation I am in with the new Teachers institute, a govt. initiative that all teachers will eventually have to use, but it is set up for classroom teachers, so in short, T.L. may not be able to advance in the institute, and as such be severely disadvantage.

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