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Topic 2.2: information literate school community

Posted by arlekeno on April 13, 2009

Response to Henri: The information literate school community 2: Issues of leadership

Yes we have a lot of information and we need to know how to use it. I like the paraphrase of Wittgenstein though ” only has value if an individual has learned how to use it”. I guess teaching the how to use it ( as well as which info to use) is our job 😀

I do agree with the statement ” Learning is nothing more than self-understanding: Reformulating information for oneself”. For a long time I have always said you do not really understand something unless you can explain it (teach  it) to another. It is why teachers like to make students do presentations 😛

The six action imperatives ( that is a fancy way of saying things you need to do!) remind me of regular TEACHER AS FACILITATOR stuff. (which is great when you can make it happen).

*Create continuous learning opportunities.                                              *Promote inquiry and dialogue. *Encourage collaboration and team learning. * Establish systems that  capture & share learning. * Empower people towards a collective vision. * Connect the organization to its environment.

And I believe he is right when he says “the place of information technology and the need to work through networks is becoming compulsory”. Especially if we want to make the above 6 things happen, if we want to keep up to date with the rest of the world, and all this is a good thing if we, the T.L.s manage a lot of it J

Again though, in quoting Lee, we come back to the issue not just of access to the net, but the information literacy, I refer to my question from 2.1. Is the person who can use the computer, more useful than the person who can understand the information that comes from it? I like the definitions of info lit provided. I like to mix them and say info literacy is the ability to use technology and to understand the relevance of, and how to use, the information provided. But the next page makes a good point, it is a mastery to be worked towards, and not obtained in finality.

VERY SCARY though is the Info lit programme I.Q. test. On a bad day I would say my school scores a ZERO! (but maybe I am just in a bad mood coz I am sick, I know that my immediate superiors have supported me and the score is really a lot higher).

Again ( and again) we come back to the role of advocacy to make all this happen. It is a bit of a theme almost everywhere I think.

I think to some up, Henri sees our role within the core business of the Info literate school as being a person who helps make the school and teachers info literate themselves so all can be involved in collaborative learning.

An example of this would be Tiki Levinson in (sounds like a fun library).


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