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Topic 2: Accountability and research

Posted by arlekeno on April 13, 2009

Topic 2.4 Online support :

I love that there are both Myspace and facebook pages in this list?

Topic 2.5 Accountability and research

Response to ASLA: Learning for the future.

1) No

2) Yes, but not as much as T.L.s do, no one says we may not need teachers.

3) No one knows what we do and there are no hard and fast ways to measure our contribution.

Response to the Eduscape website:

first link could not be open.

After looking at the library media evaluation, it looked as if for the library to be evaluated, libraries would actually have to make their own way of being evaluated, and even then it was all very subjective.

The article on accountability was frightening, and with all the talk of the fighting we need to do to keep our position in schools, let alone keeping us in that position, why are we bothering to study when the job may not exist soon?

It seems like we need to do more things to make the rest of the school feel better and less real work.

Responses to Todd: Irrefutable evidence: How to prove you boost student achievement,

Finally a clear example of evidence based practice.

Thought I wonder what her colleagues thought of her doing a survey which showed their weaknesses.

How many other positions in schools require the staff to gather evidence that they are doing a good job, I wonder.

But I will start doing it, keep evidence of notices we put up, we already keep track of every senior student who comes in on their study period etc.

Evidence-based practice and school libraries.

I must admit I do see merit to the statement that in future the hallmarks of the 21st C library will be tracking and improving student outcomes and showing that we do this.

I like the 6 guidelines Todd lists, easy to understand and to put into practice.

1) Know the research and know the research intimately;

2) Make visible the research foundations of your practice in your school;

3) Make student learning outcomes the centre of your evidence;

4) Integrate evidence-generating strategies in your practice that focus on learning outcomes;

5) Mesh results of local evidence of learning outcomes to other evidence in the school, as well as with existing research to establish evidence based claims, and to build a continuous improvement plan.

6) Disseminate, celebrate and build together on evidence based outcomes

I do, however dislike 4 and 6. Point 4 because it encourages only doing things that you will be able to look good doing and 6 because it seems like self promotion. However, if this is what needs to be done with our time instead of helping kids so in the rest of the time we can help kids, so be it.

This does tie in with linking articles about school achievement and library use on the website nicely, I shall have to do that next term.

There is a lot of talk about “library lessons” my school does not have library lessons anymore, and at the local primary school the library lesson where the classroom teacher used to come in with the class has been replaced by the librarian taking it alone. This means less time to teach the students how to use a library, and as such information technology.

I especially like on pg 74/5 the list of things students get from the library, I may try and get some students at my school to do this.

When we present all the good things we do, how do we talk about kids who are in the biblio so they can avoid being bullied, or the kids with anxiety issues who need a quiet and stable place? The number of times a stressed teacher has come to the library for a chat and a cup of tea? These things are close to immeasurable, but would be noticed by the people involved as soon as they were gone.

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