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Topic 2: T.L. Role Statements and Standards.

Posted by arlekeno on April 5, 2009

I have already talked about what the role of the T.L. is, I think I will need to go over the standards from ASLA again in another blog and compare it to my second post.



Response to Watts: The teacher librarian past: A literature review,


What is the role of the T.L.?

Again talk of advocacy, who else knows what we do?


Schools are changing, let’s take advantage of it?

I am reminded of Homer Simpson and the old saying in China that the word for crisis is the same as opportunity… CRISOTUNITY!

But it does make sense, with the arrival of the new netbooks, we can step up as leaders and make people notice the library with the new technology.


Collaborate with I.T. staff: at my school the I.T. head teacher is the library head teacher, I think this is a good thing and makes our success more likely.

I also have thought before on our role with the web (see topic one blogs)

T.L. can be a reviewer of Electronic info, as Stoll (97) and Drive magazine (99) question the information and service of net.


There is no dichotomy of technology and library.


I was interested in the view that

Being able to use the technology is more important than being able to understand what it finds!

I will have to ask about that when I face it again.

Is knowing how to make a book more important than being able to read it?



The talk of I.T. and the I-age revolution did lead me to ask a question.

At present most T.L.s are ex English teachers, in future will they be ex I.T. teachers?


Future role someone who woks in a biblio tech, will be a Tech head and a biblio phile!


Most of the Roll statements for T.L.s mention T.L.s are leaders.

All this talk of leadership, but are the executive and other staff willing to accept it?

And will this eventually lead to less library work? The need for more technicians or under T.Ls to assist?

More management and collaboration. Less face to face time for students and less time for general admin of biblio.



Response to ASLA:

And Learning for the Future (2001).


More or less the same, not surprising as they are both by ASLA.

But he book is easier to understand and refer to, also a little more in depth.

Curriculum leaders, info specialists and info services managers.


Interested to see that ASLA wants people to be trained as T.L.s before starting work in the biblio. I doubt his happens much, if at all.


One Response to “Topic 2: T.L. Role Statements and Standards.”

  1. Jan Miley said

    As a fellow TL and retrainee, loved your comment in bold- about being able to use the technology is more important than being able to understand what it finds…I have found this so much in my teaching over the past few years..teachers seem obsessed with computers and tecnology but it seems more about the special effects than the content and how it is found! hopefully I can change this a little. Jan

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