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Topic 2. The role of the teacher librarian

Posted by arlekeno on April 5, 2009

 I was going to go down and comment on each section, but it all seems so blatantly obvious as just common sense or good teaching I did not bother, in short, THIS IS YOUR JOB, YOU KNOW THIS, DO IT!

(2004). Library standards of professional excellence for teacher librarians,


1 Professional knowledge

Excellent teacher librarians…

1.1 understand the principles of lifelong learning

1.2 know about learning and teaching across curriculum areas and developmental levels

1.3 have a rich understanding of the school community and curriculum

1.4 have a specialist knowledge of information, resources, technology and library management


1.1 Knowledge of the principles of lifelong learning

Excellent teacher librarians:

  • are well-informed about information literacy theory and practice
  • thoroughly understand how all learners develop and apply lifelong learning skills and strategies
  • have a sound understanding of how children and young adults become independent readers
  • comprehensively understand the role of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in lifelong learning.

1.2 Knowledge of learning and teaching

Excellent teacher librarians:

  • have a detailed knowledge of current educational pedagogy
  • are thoroughly familiar with the information literacy and information needs, skills and interests of learners
  • fully understand the need to cater for the social, cultural and developmental backgrounds of learners in program implementation and curriculum resourcing

1.3 Knowledge of curriculum

Excellent teacher librarians:

  • have a comprehensive understanding of literacy, literature for children and young adults, curriculum and specific programs in their schools
  • have a detailed knowledge of how to promote and foster reading
  • have a sound understanding of current assessment theory and processes

1.4 Knowledge of library and information management

Excellent teacher librarians:

  • understand that professionally managed and resourced school libraries are crucial to the achievements of the school community
  • have a rich professional knowledge of national standards for library and information management 3
  • have a comprehensive understanding of national standards for information retrieval 4

2 Professional practice

Excellent teacher librarians…

2.1 engage and challenge learners within a supportive, informationrich learning environment

2.2 collaboratively plan and resource curriculum programs which incorporate transferable information literacy and literature outcomes

2.3 provide exemplary library and information services consistent with national standards

2.4 evaluate student learning and library programs and services to inform professional practice


2.1 Learning environment

Excellent teacher librarians:

  • create and nurture an information-rich learning environment which supports the needs of the school community
  • provide access to information resources through efficient, effective and professionally-managed system
  • foster an environment where learners are encouraged and empowered to read, view, listen and respond for understanding and enjoyment
  • appreciate the dynamic nature of ICTs and their role in education

2.2 Learning and teaching

Excellent teacher librarians:

  • collaborate with teachers to plan and implement information literacy and literature programs that result in positive student learning outcomes
  • ensure that their programs are responsive to the needs of learners in the school community
  • support learning and teaching by providing equitable access to professionally-selected resources
  • assist individual learners to develop independence in their learning
  • teach the appropriate and relevant use of ICTs and information resources

2.3 Library and information services management

Excellent teacher librarians:

  • ensure that the library’s policies and procedures implement the school’s mission
  • provide exemplary reference and information services to the school community
  • strategically plan and budget for improvement in library and information services and programs
  • apply information management practices and systems that are consistent with national standards 4



2.4 Evaluation

Excellent teacher librarians:

  • monitor teaching practice to ensure improved learning and teaching
  • evaluate student learning to provide evidence of progress in information literacy and reading
  • measure library resources, facilities, programs and services against current policies, standards documents and benchmarks
  • use evidence to inform programs and services

3 Professional commitment

Excellent teacher librarians…

3.1 model and promote lifelong learning

3.2 commit to the principles of education and librarianship

3.3 demonstrate leadership within school and professional communities

3.4 actively participate in education and library professional networks


3.1 Lifelong learning

Excellent teacher librarians:

  • empower others in the school community to become lifelong learners
  • undertake research which informs evidence-based innovation in school library programs
  • engage in debate on educational issues within the school community
  • create and foster library-related professional development opportunities for staff

3.2 Commitment

Excellent teacher librarians:

  • are dedicated to excellence in professional service
  • emphasise a learning and teaching focus in school library programs and services
  • promote the profession of teacher librarianship in their schools and the wider community
  • foster a reading culture through the active promotion of literature
  • participate in continuing professional development

3.3 Leadership

Excellent teacher librarians:

  • actively engage in school leadership and participate in key committees
  • promote and nurture a ‘whole school focus’ on information literacy policy and implementation
  • build and foster collaborative teams within school and professional communities
  • provide effective and transformational leadership to school library and information services staff

3.4 Community responsibilities

Excellent teacher librarians:

  • model the sharing of knowledge
  • actively participate as members of professional communities
  • demonstrate collegiality and mentor colleagues
  • promote library and information services to the school and the wider community



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