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Topic one: Enter resource-based learning

Posted by arlekeno on April 4, 2009

Since I could not find the ASLA response to resource based learning anywhere, skip to Haycock.

Responses to Haycock: Resource-based learning : a shift in the roles of teacher, learner [electronic resource]

RBL makes me think of the student centred learning in vogue in ESL a few years ago when I was teaching in ASIA. It also reminds me of the processes of the Montessori schools and the I.B. (as has been explained to me by ex students)

I myself have the same fears Haycock talks of, both are rooted in the students behaviour I suppose. But I have seen students who would thrive on RBL, but unfortunately have had to deal with many more who would just do nothing. How do we change the attitude?

I believe RBL is a workable model, if we can convince the students of the value of what they are doing, and the consequences of bunking off.

Technology would make many things easier, access to information etc, and as an interactive way to present their work ( as this blog is I suppose…even though my blog spell checker doesn’t recognise the word BLOG) but also has some downsides, is the information reliable? and will students go to a flashier website rather than an accurate one?


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