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Challenge of the Library.

Posted by arlekeno on March 14, 2009

One of the things we are asked to do for one of our assignments is to identify challenges faced by teacher LIbrarians in schools.

The biggest challenge I have seen so far is that most other people in a school, have NO IDEA of what a Teacher Librarians Job is.
Since I have started the first commetn everyone makes is something along the lines of how easy it must be. There is a general view that all we do is sit around, read books and occasionaly loan them out.

Now this problem is constant in most schools. English people think maths have it easy because the answers are all right or wrong with no in betweens. Maths look down on p.e. who just go out the back and throw a football around. P.E. etc. Becaause no one leaves their faculty they have no idea what anyone else is doing (having taught in at least 6 faculties in my school , I do).

This is not a problem, but usually there are only one or two librarians, and when it comes time to allocate funding or alloacte teaching lads, they have no say.

As a result Libraries in school are underfunded, or staffed with leftovers from other faculties who have no idea of anything but the most basic role of the librarian and no interest in learning.

In case you are wondering I will NOT be publishing my name or school in this blog. But so far this year I have been taken of Library to work in other areas, Library has been understaffed and i haev been unable to find any time to even look at most of my readings.

If Library was respected, or even understood, i doubt this would happen.

In my next blog I will give the official description of my job ( or what should be my job) from the library handbook.


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