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My 2015. A Slow year.

Posted by arlekeno on December 30, 2015

I guess I need to blog more



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It is pretty obvious to us.

Posted by arlekeno on September 8, 2015

First we have a simple mistake. Just not reading after the decimal point.


But here, we have the City of Bones series. Obviously on the top shelf

and then a shelf below, someone has put one of the books!

Wrong Author, same series right there. People seem to think being a librarian is an

easy job but they are obviously incapable of doing it!


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Books on Tour

Posted by arlekeno on June 24, 2015

IMG_20150604_122304[1] IMG_20150604_122309[1] IMG_20150604_122319[1]

These books have obviously been taken off the shelf, and then just dumped back on any shelf ( rather than returns trolley) regardless of the books actual location. Leaving it NEAR its location is understandable? but taking the book on tour to show it other call numbers? Maybe they felt the book needed to see a bit more of the library, learn more about other categories etc.

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We tell you things for a reason.

Posted by arlekeno on June 2, 2015

IMG_20150513_095314 IMG_20150601_121748

Picture 1…. Why we insist patrons use the returns trolley rather than just shoving all the Books backĀ  where they think they should go…

Picture 2… Why the Teachers who work in the library should pay attention when we try to explain the Dewey Decimal system to them – its not ALWAYS alphabetical!

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Up or down a shelf doesn’t matter. Does it?

Posted by arlekeno on October 22, 2014

IMG_20131217_150212 IMG_20131217_150205

Funny how if you ignore the signs on the shelf or the books around it you tend to get funny results

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Can you at least get it on the shelf?

Posted by arlekeno on June 16, 2014

2014-06-16 15.42.55 2014-06-16 15.43.06


Looks good, then you look underneath. Why I don’t let other people shelve books.

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Looks good, or is it?

Posted by arlekeno on June 5, 2014



Looks good so far, all in order.. But





From the back, the books have been pushed out.





One of them is even inside another!


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Be careful who dusts your library.

Posted by arlekeno on April 10, 2014


This may look innocent enough, a nice little section all in order.


But if you look closely, it is UNDERNEATH the 531’s !


And to the left of the 534’s



Someone decided to dust the shelves, and moved this tiny section, and then

put it back on the wrong shelf!



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Why I hate students putting books back.

Posted by arlekeno on March 25, 2014


First photo is a lovely shot of what happens when someone only looks at the label’s first letter and not the actual last name of the author ( let alone first name, or book title etc).

But since It is between 3 books by the same author, and how famous that series is, the lack of care is ASTOUNDING!



Looks like a well put away set of books?




But look from above! The book is pushed back, by a careless returner of books.





Eventually this happens! and books “vanish” for monthe.

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Why I don’t let non-Librarians put books away.

Posted by arlekeno on February 20, 2014

IMG_20131121_090641[1] IMG_20131121_090802[1] IMG_20131121_090922[1] IMG_20131121_090926[1]Welcome to 2014 people. The new school year is well underway and I thought I would change things up. Staring with the reason I don’t like letting those who are not librarians put books away. This could be my relief, my patrons or the Goblins who live here.
I think they have an IDEA of dewey, but sometimes a little knowledge is a dangerous thing…. though I suspect most of the time it is not caring.



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